Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wallpaper Choices

    I've been thinking about a bedroom re-do for awhile now. New carpeting was just put in, so it seems to be the perfect time to really get motivated about this. I keep bouncing between paint and wallpaper. My bedroom is fairly small, so I can't go all out on the dark dramatic color that I tend to like. I have spent many an hour looking at paint chips in the hardware store. 
    Paint names are getting to be as goofy as the names for hair dye. Tide Pool. Gloaming. Zen. Rainwater. Powder Puff. Duck's Egg. Windy Pine. Garden View. Ice Floe. Can I just get a Pantone callout (says the designer in me)?! Seriously, I think it would be easier for me to find a Pantone chip that I like and bring it to a paint company than to pick a blue/green color that I want. 
    That was before I got sucked into Houzz and started looking at wallpaper. A couple hours later I was at least able to order some wallpaper samples. Some I genuinely love, others seemed like they may a little too quirky, but why not get a free sample. When I received my samples it became clear that "sample" means something different to everyone. I got a notecard sized sample from Anthropologie and full 8 X 10 sizes from others. So, Anthro....get it together and give a larger sample, especially with what you charge. Though I love Octopus' Garden I am not going to fork over that much money (and I am only doing one wall!). I might consider it for this only because it reminds me of the wallpaper in the mayor's office on "Once Upon A Time".  Then I found out that I would have to apply my own paste....So now I have to pay for professional installation too?!
    I am very much in love with this star themed wallpaper from Barneby Gates. It serves as the grown up version of my childhood room (Celestial themed with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling). Donwside is, they're in the U.K. Maybe I could just paint and stencil? 
    Other pretty wallpaper was found at Farrow and Ball and they do have distributors in the U.S. Some of my favorites include: LotusRanelagh and The Chelsea Paper's Wisteria.
    I still have no idea what to get, but at least I have some pretty paper to use as a jumping off point. 

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