Sunday, April 7, 2013

Book Rules

   Since the Chicago Tribune posted a column on rules for movie remakes this weekend, I thought books should have some rules too...

1. Books that are a running series, one book a year is fine. Books that are a series of 4 or less- two   books a year-I'm talking about you Marissa Meyer! Its no fair offering a book a year the way you end your books!

2. If you are running a series then leave us with a snippet of the next book at the end.

3. Do not write a brilliant series and then cop out at the end (some on, the ending of Mockingjay needed a couple more pages and some more closure).

4. Books and movies based on books should be judges separately. This goes for T.V. shows as well. Game of Thrones does need all those characters and will everyone who read the series please shut up about whatever this 'Red Wedding" thing is so those of use who only watch the series can experience it without any knowledge?

5. People who design book covers, can you please give women heads? Please visit here for proof and further discussion.

Anyone have rules to add???

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