Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy 1 year on Etsy!

    So, technically my Etsy shop's one year isn't until July 15th, but I thought I would celebrate early. So, if you go to and enter coupon code HAPPY1YR you will get 10% off your order. This is only good through July 31st.
    We recommend stocking up on Halloween items like some of the ones below!

Reproduction of Vintage Postcard-A wall hanger to brighten up any room

Another cute wall decoration!

Hand knit and felted hat-bats against a moon! Tres chic for your party!

All other items are good for the sale too!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This little piggy....Another Strange Find

 Here's another strange find...A stuffed piggy with her babies. Notice how the babies are snapped onto her belly....It's like 6 toys in one!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Year at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair

  One thing I love about the summer (since today is officially summer) is fairs! My favorite fair of them all has to the the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair. Miles of yarn, fiber, spinning, quilting, hooking, knitting, bunnies and looms.
   This year seemed to lean rather heavy on the loom side of things.
A "Cricket Loom", love the red sparkly thread, had to buy some!
  First, I have to mention the vintage handbag exhibit. The pattern was difficult and the directions were lacking, typical of vintage patterns. This year's purse was a 1920's handbag that had to have netting, a drawstring closure and a top and bottom tassel. I ended up throwing the directions out and making up my own purse. Who says netting has to be "netting" anyway? 
   I was really looking forward to seeing what everyone else did, how they interpreted the design, the color schemes, etc....well....looks like people gave up! Out of 18 entries on 4 of us got their bags to the fair. 

I do find it interesting that most of us stayed with the "green" theme! 

I picked up a cute sea turtle needle felting kit at Purl and Loop and it seems that embroidery is making a comeback. No doubt because of Design Sponge's long entry and how-to's. 

Kind of reminds me of spiral graph!

I stopped by Swiss Frau Farm's booth to get some goat milk soap. Goat milk soap is wonderful, I highly recommend picking some up. Stay away from those petroleum sudsy soaps, you don't need suds to get clean! Goat's milk is wonderful for your skin, especially if you have skin problems or dry skin.
I couldn't decide, so I bought both! 
  I stopped by one of my favorite places, Nifty Thrift Dry Goods and bought some lace and some other cute ribbons and trimmings. No pictures (or peeking)! You'll see them out to good use soon enough in the Etsy store. 

Lastly, a new favorite place! Mia Bella Yarn. While browsing at their great selection of totes (one of which I should have bought! Grr buyers remorse...unless they have them at their store???) I was approached by Sarah and asked if I had looked at their Mink yarn.
They carry 100% mink yarn from The Grinning Gargoyle. I bought a skein in shiny copper penny color. I had never seen mink yarn before; the minks are brushed and not harmed in the process. The yarns are hand dyed and feel silky soft. 
   I felt it was kismet, mink yarn, MinkCouture store, Mink blog, mink swimming in the lake in my backyard. 
Sarah holding my yarn selection and pattern-I better get knitting!
The bag that I should have purchased!
Besides the giant freak thunderstorm, the day was fun, exhausting and as always everyone was friendly and helpful. 
  I can't wait for the Yarn Crawl or next year's fair.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair

    This year will mark my third year attending the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair. This year I am finally entering the Vintage Handbag exhibit. The idea was to use a vintage handbag pattern from the 1920's as a starting point and then interpret your own design and make it. The must haves were: a drawstring closure, a top and bottom tassel and "netting".
    For those of you who aren't going to be in the area, here's a sneak peak of my design. I used Faberge's "Rose Trellis" egg as my starting point, but decided to use violets in place of the roses (since violets are Illinois' state flower).

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The animals in my neighborhood

    Living right on the edge of a forest preserve can be a blessing and a curse. The wildlife can be stunning when its not eating your flowers and veggies. Lately I've had some new visitors in the area.....
This raccoon ventured out in the daylight. I think he just wanted to watch the hockey game....

One turtle, then I found a second, laying their eggs I suppose......

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Hunger Games District 8!

Have I mentioned how much I love the Hunger Games books???
   I present, coming soon to the Etsy store.....District 8 hat. Miniature hand knit and felted out of blue-green wool with a sparkly orange "veil". A ribbon of vintage 'sewn by" serves as the hat band and a blue stripe button with a "8" bingo marker and a "Findings" safety pin in the center. 
    Want it now? Contact me and I can reserve it. 
     Want a different district? I can make that too!
     Check out the store for a Mockingjay fascinator!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Library Craft Show

The jewelry table

The mish-mosh table

Well, the craft show wasn't a complete success....not a single item sold! But, I don't think anyone sold anything either. How can you compete with cutey Cub Scouts selling hot dogs and free face painting??

  It was a good time and if you stopped by the booth and wanted to get something and you don't see it up on the Etsy site, contact me and let me know!