Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wallpaper Choices

    I've been thinking about a bedroom re-do for awhile now. New carpeting was just put in, so it seems to be the perfect time to really get motivated about this. I keep bouncing between paint and wallpaper. My bedroom is fairly small, so I can't go all out on the dark dramatic color that I tend to like. I have spent many an hour looking at paint chips in the hardware store. 
    Paint names are getting to be as goofy as the names for hair dye. Tide Pool. Gloaming. Zen. Rainwater. Powder Puff. Duck's Egg. Windy Pine. Garden View. Ice Floe. Can I just get a Pantone callout (says the designer in me)?! Seriously, I think it would be easier for me to find a Pantone chip that I like and bring it to a paint company than to pick a blue/green color that I want. 
    That was before I got sucked into Houzz and started looking at wallpaper. A couple hours later I was at least able to order some wallpaper samples. Some I genuinely love, others seemed like they may a little too quirky, but why not get a free sample. When I received my samples it became clear that "sample" means something different to everyone. I got a notecard sized sample from Anthropologie and full 8 X 10 sizes from others. So, Anthro....get it together and give a larger sample, especially with what you charge. Though I love Octopus' Garden I am not going to fork over that much money (and I am only doing one wall!). I might consider it for this only because it reminds me of the wallpaper in the mayor's office on "Once Upon A Time".  Then I found out that I would have to apply my own paste....So now I have to pay for professional installation too?!
    I am very much in love with this star themed wallpaper from Barneby Gates. It serves as the grown up version of my childhood room (Celestial themed with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling). Donwside is, they're in the U.K. Maybe I could just paint and stencil? 
    Other pretty wallpaper was found at Farrow and Ball and they do have distributors in the U.S. Some of my favorites include: LotusRanelagh and The Chelsea Paper's Wisteria.
    I still have no idea what to get, but at least I have some pretty paper to use as a jumping off point. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Simone Handbag Museum

   With all the road closure this weekend due to the massive flooding; I was finally able to take some time and look through Judith Clark's "Handbags: The Making of  Museum". I highly doubt I will ever make it to Seoul to visit the Simone Handbag Museum. So, this book is close enough. Page after page of gorgeous handbags, purses and pockets in full color detail will keep you glued to the book through several cups of tea. Each purse is dated and has a detail description of materials and use. Here are a couple of purses that I liked.

This purse is from 1800-99 Europe. The "netting" on it is made from cloves. Now I want to try this on the purse I am making for the Fiber Arts Fair in June. How does one sew through dried cloves???

This purse is from 1825-20 Britain and is made from metal rings covered in crochet thread. I like my purses more solid, so people can't see what I am carrying. I give this my thumbs up because I cannot crochet; I can knit, but for some reason I cannot master the crochet hook.

My favorite purse out of the whole book! "Vanity Dance Purse, America, 1920, Celluloid, Artificial Silk Cord and Floss". This purse opens to reveal a round mirror, pink powder puff, lipstick and a place for your cigarettes and matches. I just love the color scheme and how you can pack all those items into such a tiny purse. You had to pack light out on the dance floor.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Record Store Movies

 Counting down the hours until Record Store Day? Why not pass the time and watch some great movies that have vinyl front and center in them? In no particular order I give you:

Empire Records

The movie that made everyone want to work in a record store. Who wouldn't want to work in a record store, you listen to music all day and hang out. There is also a nice lesson on why vinyl is way better than a CD (hint, it involves fire). Sure you have to chase a shoplifter and you might just have to hold an epic fundraiser so you don't become a chain store. A little too chilling a scenario since the economy took a nosedive.

High Fidelity

The ultimate Chicago record store movie, I swear that the guys in Reckless Records are just like this. Full of top record lists and employees that just keep showing up for their love of vinyl (and mockery of people who obviously know nothing about music). It also includes a rather impossible trip on the Purple Line and a hilarious scene involving an air conditioner and Tim Robbins.

Ghost World

So, its not set in a record store, it does feature people bonding over records. This was a film that when I watched it I thought, one of these girls has a great movie career ahead of them...boy was I wrong.....A good movie for outcasts and people who wonder who writes those "chance meeting ads" in the paper.

A Clockwork Orange

Violence aside, Alex does have great taste in music. Too bad its later used to torture and condition him to take away his free will. 

500 Days of Summer

This should have been the first sign the relationship was heading for trouble. Though I do like Octopus' Garden, its not my favorite Beatles song. That's another debate and post all together. Better to spend your time at a record store than IKEA.

Any other favorite movies about or set in record stores???

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Record Store Day 2013

   It's almost Record Store Day! So, this week I am featuring some vinyl themed posts. First off, you can head here to find your participating stores. I'll be featuring a countdown clock on the website too.
    Nothing beats the sound of vinyl. Computers and digital players just can't give music that warm alive sound that you can get from a record. Try an experiment at home-play a song on your record player, than through your computer and you decide which is its on the record player. Hopefully you still have a record player.
   I still have my first record player, granted it's a Fischer Price plastic one. I think you can pick one up at certain antique stores. You'll notice it buy the lovely shades of brown and burnt orange. The sound quality is quite nice when you consider there are no giant speakers. I spent many long nights in school listening to records while I tried to finish papers and projects.
    I believe records have greater artistic value to them too. With the rise in music downloads how often are people looking at album artwork? Storm Thorgerson's artwork for Pink Flyod was a perfect mix of music and art.
   If you want to check out more artists head over here.
  Besides your local record shop or antique store, my favorite place for finding vinyl is Good Will (or any Salvation Army/ second hand store). You can get a record for a dollar. I picked up a collection of 78's for a buck. They were a collection of historical events: the Hindenburg disaster, JFK assassination, lots of Edward R. Murrow broadcasts. I also bought an original recording of Orson Wells' 'War of the Worlds"- a record I like to play on Halloween night.
   My record collection varies; I have folk, rock, a record put out by a restaurant in Chicago, French cafe music, movie soundtracks, punk and Disney recordings. Your record collection can tell people a lot about you, much like your book collection. So, what does it say if you own no vinyl? 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Book Rules

   Since the Chicago Tribune posted a column on rules for movie remakes this weekend, I thought books should have some rules too...

1. Books that are a running series, one book a year is fine. Books that are a series of 4 or less- two   books a year-I'm talking about you Marissa Meyer! Its no fair offering a book a year the way you end your books!

2. If you are running a series then leave us with a snippet of the next book at the end.

3. Do not write a brilliant series and then cop out at the end (some on, the ending of Mockingjay needed a couple more pages and some more closure).

4. Books and movies based on books should be judges separately. This goes for T.V. shows as well. Game of Thrones does need all those characters and will everyone who read the series please shut up about whatever this 'Red Wedding" thing is so those of use who only watch the series can experience it without any knowledge?

5. People who design book covers, can you please give women heads? Please visit here for proof and further discussion.

Anyone have rules to add???