Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shoot It, Hook it n' Cook it, or what I found hiding at the Flea Market

I always make sure to keep an eye out for the strange and unusual when I go to any antique/ flea markets. I don't just collect one thing ('cause that's just silly). I collect hats, typewriter ribbon tins, buttons, aprons and cookbooks.
  I love vintage cookbooks, they give you a great insight into what was going on in a certain time period. World War going on, they will help you ration-even if that means adding Post Toasties to your B grade mashed meat and forming it into a steak (don't think you're really fooling hubby). Is is the 1960s? Well, hello Jell-o!
   This sweet cook book? Published in 1981 by a couple from Colorado Springs, CO. It's out of print, so keep your eyes open for copies.
  Showing that nothing ever changes, the inside cover reads, "With our inflation rate climbing perhaps some knowledge of how tasty this wild game and fish can be will relieve the family budget and encourage the total utilization of all game and fish taken from our forests and waters".
 The best part of this book? The clever illustrations that go with each recipe. Here's a sample for your viewing pleasure....

Love her eyelashes and magazine. 

Bundled Bunny would certainly help my veggie garden!

Dinner and a show!

"I shall ne-vah go hungry again!"

Look at her cute chastity belt!

A properly fitted corset does wonders for one's figure!

A pineapple tutu! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Class of 2016

   Every year since 1988 Beloit College has come out with "The Mindset List". The list is a look at the minds of the incoming college students. Often funny, sometimes sad, the list was originally meant to help teachers connect with their students.
   Among many things on the list,  the class of 2016 has never seen an actual airline ticket, they have always lived in cyberspace, they never listen to the car radio, exposed bra straps are a fashion statement, Kurt Cobain has always been dead, the Met has always translated their operas into English,  and "Twilight" means vampires, not Rod Serling.
   My additions are as followed:

The Soviet Union has always been dissolved.

They will question the Olympics when they talk about "East Germany" and "West Germany".

Yugoslavia has never been on a map.

There have never been maps, they prefer a GPS unit to direct them to their destination.

They prefer a car that has connectivity rather than good gas mileage.

Most of them can't read or write in cursive since schools are saying that computers make handwriting obsolete.

Chefs have always been rockstars and there has always been  Food Netowrk.

The 1980's are so "retro".

Texting has always been around.

They have never been tethered to a phone cord or computer cable.

They are more connected than ever, but have few actual friends.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aunt Jenny and Paula Deen

    Seeing how I was way to engulfed in work to make any attempt at a Julia Child post (like cooking something really French and having a bottle of wine) here's some vintage cook book pages for your enjoyment. 
    Technology and the plethora of cooking shows are changing the cooking landscape. A few years ago the average person had no idea what molecular gastronomy was and they didn't care. Now there are many websites and kits that you can buy. Do we really want tapioca beef with a string bean foam? 
  Then on the other end of the spectrum you have Paula Deen and here obsession with butter...But Ms. Dean and her cooking don't even hold a candle to Spry's Aunt Jenny. Aunt Jenny helped many a housewife whip up cakes and cookies and fried goods. All in a day's work...she even had a recipe for deep fried mac and cheese. Take that Paula!
Aunt Jenny in all her glory.
And yet obesity wasn't an issue in the 1940's....stop blaming the food people!

Not only did Aunt Jenny help brides and feed the neighborhood,
she also helped out our serviceman overseas.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Notes from the Fair, Again

Another month, another antique fair. At least today it was pleasantly cool and overcast. Here's some highlights of what was offered...A note, I did not buy any of these things, instead I bought some rather loverly stationary sets because, you can't find them anymore...crazy!

Chicken Purse! I would have bought this for a friend is not for the $50 price tag. Made me chuckle...


In the land of childhood tea time in Scary-land....I prefer my tea parties creepy, but this is a little much...


Am seriously confused by this one...

He actually pees....water that you put in him.....

Knit a really long yarn snake! Why?! Boredom!

Bowling for cute fuzzy sad....

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I love the Olympics, winter or summer. The opening ceremonies, playing the "how well do I know my flags/ geography". The geography part especially, the last Winter Olympics my co-workers mistakenly thought that Russia had invaded Atlanta, Georgia.
   I am quite disappointed in some of the coverage. Why did NBC feel that Americans wouldn't need to see the moving tribute to the terrorism victims. So, what? These things only happen to Americans? Hardly! They should have left that in, cut out all the commercials and gotten some new commentators. I thought the concept of going from the pastoral to the industrial was quite brilliant and where else could you have dozens of Mary Poppins battling He Who Shall Not Be Named?
  For two weeks athletes from across the world come together to compete on a world platform. Wars, conflict, race, religion and economic status can be lifted; temporarily.