Saturday, August 4, 2012


I love the Olympics, winter or summer. The opening ceremonies, playing the "how well do I know my flags/ geography". The geography part especially, the last Winter Olympics my co-workers mistakenly thought that Russia had invaded Atlanta, Georgia.
   I am quite disappointed in some of the coverage. Why did NBC feel that Americans wouldn't need to see the moving tribute to the terrorism victims. So, what? These things only happen to Americans? Hardly! They should have left that in, cut out all the commercials and gotten some new commentators. I thought the concept of going from the pastoral to the industrial was quite brilliant and where else could you have dozens of Mary Poppins battling He Who Shall Not Be Named?
  For two weeks athletes from across the world come together to compete on a world platform. Wars, conflict, race, religion and economic status can be lifted; temporarily.

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