Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aunt Jenny and Paula Deen

    Seeing how I was way to engulfed in work to make any attempt at a Julia Child post (like cooking something really French and having a bottle of wine) here's some vintage cook book pages for your enjoyment. 
    Technology and the plethora of cooking shows are changing the cooking landscape. A few years ago the average person had no idea what molecular gastronomy was and they didn't care. Now there are many websites and kits that you can buy. Do we really want tapioca beef with a string bean foam? 
  Then on the other end of the spectrum you have Paula Deen and here obsession with butter...But Ms. Dean and her cooking don't even hold a candle to Spry's Aunt Jenny. Aunt Jenny helped many a housewife whip up cakes and cookies and fried goods. All in a day's work...she even had a recipe for deep fried mac and cheese. Take that Paula!
Aunt Jenny in all her glory.
And yet obesity wasn't an issue in the 1940's....stop blaming the food people!

Not only did Aunt Jenny help brides and feed the neighborhood,
she also helped out our serviceman overseas.

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