Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shoot It, Hook it n' Cook it, or what I found hiding at the Flea Market

I always make sure to keep an eye out for the strange and unusual when I go to any antique/ flea markets. I don't just collect one thing ('cause that's just silly). I collect hats, typewriter ribbon tins, buttons, aprons and cookbooks.
  I love vintage cookbooks, they give you a great insight into what was going on in a certain time period. World War going on, they will help you ration-even if that means adding Post Toasties to your B grade mashed meat and forming it into a steak (don't think you're really fooling hubby). Is is the 1960s? Well, hello Jell-o!
   This sweet cook book? Published in 1981 by a couple from Colorado Springs, CO. It's out of print, so keep your eyes open for copies.
  Showing that nothing ever changes, the inside cover reads, "With our inflation rate climbing perhaps some knowledge of how tasty this wild game and fish can be will relieve the family budget and encourage the total utilization of all game and fish taken from our forests and waters".
 The best part of this book? The clever illustrations that go with each recipe. Here's a sample for your viewing pleasure....

Love her eyelashes and magazine. 

Bundled Bunny would certainly help my veggie garden!

Dinner and a show!

"I shall ne-vah go hungry again!"

Look at her cute chastity belt!

A properly fitted corset does wonders for one's figure!

A pineapple tutu! 

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