Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Class of 2016

   Every year since 1988 Beloit College has come out with "The Mindset List". The list is a look at the minds of the incoming college students. Often funny, sometimes sad, the list was originally meant to help teachers connect with their students.
   Among many things on the list,  the class of 2016 has never seen an actual airline ticket, they have always lived in cyberspace, they never listen to the car radio, exposed bra straps are a fashion statement, Kurt Cobain has always been dead, the Met has always translated their operas into English,  and "Twilight" means vampires, not Rod Serling.
   My additions are as followed:

The Soviet Union has always been dissolved.

They will question the Olympics when they talk about "East Germany" and "West Germany".

Yugoslavia has never been on a map.

There have never been maps, they prefer a GPS unit to direct them to their destination.

They prefer a car that has connectivity rather than good gas mileage.

Most of them can't read or write in cursive since schools are saying that computers make handwriting obsolete.

Chefs have always been rockstars and there has always been  Food Netowrk.

The 1980's are so "retro".

Texting has always been around.

They have never been tethered to a phone cord or computer cable.

They are more connected than ever, but have few actual friends.

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