Sunday, April 21, 2013

Simone Handbag Museum

   With all the road closure this weekend due to the massive flooding; I was finally able to take some time and look through Judith Clark's "Handbags: The Making of  Museum". I highly doubt I will ever make it to Seoul to visit the Simone Handbag Museum. So, this book is close enough. Page after page of gorgeous handbags, purses and pockets in full color detail will keep you glued to the book through several cups of tea. Each purse is dated and has a detail description of materials and use. Here are a couple of purses that I liked.

This purse is from 1800-99 Europe. The "netting" on it is made from cloves. Now I want to try this on the purse I am making for the Fiber Arts Fair in June. How does one sew through dried cloves???

This purse is from 1825-20 Britain and is made from metal rings covered in crochet thread. I like my purses more solid, so people can't see what I am carrying. I give this my thumbs up because I cannot crochet; I can knit, but for some reason I cannot master the crochet hook.

My favorite purse out of the whole book! "Vanity Dance Purse, America, 1920, Celluloid, Artificial Silk Cord and Floss". This purse opens to reveal a round mirror, pink powder puff, lipstick and a place for your cigarettes and matches. I just love the color scheme and how you can pack all those items into such a tiny purse. You had to pack light out on the dance floor.

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