Sunday, April 14, 2013

Record Store Day 2013

   It's almost Record Store Day! So, this week I am featuring some vinyl themed posts. First off, you can head here to find your participating stores. I'll be featuring a countdown clock on the website too.
    Nothing beats the sound of vinyl. Computers and digital players just can't give music that warm alive sound that you can get from a record. Try an experiment at home-play a song on your record player, than through your computer and you decide which is its on the record player. Hopefully you still have a record player.
   I still have my first record player, granted it's a Fischer Price plastic one. I think you can pick one up at certain antique stores. You'll notice it buy the lovely shades of brown and burnt orange. The sound quality is quite nice when you consider there are no giant speakers. I spent many long nights in school listening to records while I tried to finish papers and projects.
    I believe records have greater artistic value to them too. With the rise in music downloads how often are people looking at album artwork? Storm Thorgerson's artwork for Pink Flyod was a perfect mix of music and art.
   If you want to check out more artists head over here.
  Besides your local record shop or antique store, my favorite place for finding vinyl is Good Will (or any Salvation Army/ second hand store). You can get a record for a dollar. I picked up a collection of 78's for a buck. They were a collection of historical events: the Hindenburg disaster, JFK assassination, lots of Edward R. Murrow broadcasts. I also bought an original recording of Orson Wells' 'War of the Worlds"- a record I like to play on Halloween night.
   My record collection varies; I have folk, rock, a record put out by a restaurant in Chicago, French cafe music, movie soundtracks, punk and Disney recordings. Your record collection can tell people a lot about you, much like your book collection. So, what does it say if you own no vinyl? 

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