Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Record Store Movies

 Counting down the hours until Record Store Day? Why not pass the time and watch some great movies that have vinyl front and center in them? In no particular order I give you:

Empire Records

The movie that made everyone want to work in a record store. Who wouldn't want to work in a record store, you listen to music all day and hang out. There is also a nice lesson on why vinyl is way better than a CD (hint, it involves fire). Sure you have to chase a shoplifter and you might just have to hold an epic fundraiser so you don't become a chain store. A little too chilling a scenario since the economy took a nosedive.

High Fidelity

The ultimate Chicago record store movie, I swear that the guys in Reckless Records are just like this. Full of top record lists and employees that just keep showing up for their love of vinyl (and mockery of people who obviously know nothing about music). It also includes a rather impossible trip on the Purple Line and a hilarious scene involving an air conditioner and Tim Robbins.

Ghost World

So, its not set in a record store, it does feature people bonding over records. This was a film that when I watched it I thought, one of these girls has a great movie career ahead of them...boy was I wrong.....A good movie for outcasts and people who wonder who writes those "chance meeting ads" in the paper.

A Clockwork Orange

Violence aside, Alex does have great taste in music. Too bad its later used to torture and condition him to take away his free will. 

500 Days of Summer

This should have been the first sign the relationship was heading for trouble. Though I do like Octopus' Garden, its not my favorite Beatles song. That's another debate and post all together. Better to spend your time at a record store than IKEA.

Any other favorite movies about or set in record stores???

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