Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Garden (Again)

   After getting over a really nasty sinus infection, I vowed to take it easy this weekend since it will soon be the "Summer Con Crazy Time" (as I call it) at work. was so nice outside yesterday I thought , "Why not pop some seeds in the garden?". I think we finally made it over the no more snow hump here.
   New to the garden this year...heat resistant radishes, red kuri squash, brussel sprouts and potatoes. I am especially excited about the potatoes! I dug my trench and picked out the best fingerlings that had at least two eyes. Since potato leaves are toxic I am hoping that the bunnies and deer will leave them alone. Hopefully my Irish heritage will not bring on a bought of potato famine!
  I will take pictures and update as the planting season moves through summer.  Happy planting!

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