Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Graduation Speeches

    Soon the class of 2013 will be commencing and they will be thrown out into the world. At my undergraduate graduation every student received a small booklet. The booklet contained wisdom , quotes and stories from our teachers and faculty. Things they thought would be useful out in "the real world". My most re quoted advice from this booklet is from our artist in residence in the Dance Dept; "Show up, Shut Up and Do your job". It seems like this is not the case anymore, sadly enough.
    My other piece of advice is about travel. You might find this somewhat not in vogue either in this day of GPS and in car navigation. But, it is good advice. Advice that should be taken before Route 66 becomes just another mega interstate that gets you from point A to point B in the least amount of time possible.

" I like to think of the college experience and the life that follows as a matter of choosing between I-70 and Route 66. If I want to go to from Chicago to the West Coast in the shortest time I might head to I-70 and travel west. But if I want to go west, enjoy and see what lies between Chicago and the West Coast in an unhurried manner I would take Route 66. And it is good to have this choice because there are times when each is appropriate."

-Stephen Friol
   Dean of College of Fine Arts and Dean of Faculty Millikin University

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