Monday, January 30, 2012

A Polar RSVP

Further proof of why Coke is the #1 soft drink (soda, pop, Coke)....Live from their "snowfa" in the Arctic 2 of the Coke polar bears will react in live time from pre-game until the clock runs out. The two bears will react in real time to the game and will also be interacting with Coke's Twitter account (how do they get Internet out there? Wi-fi??).
One bear will be sporting a red scarf and root for the Pat's and the other will be wearing a Giants themed scarf. Head on over to and RSVP for Feb 5th. Coke is donating $1 to the WWF to help the polar bear with every RSVP. Which is kind of least Coke stopped putting seals and penguins with the Coke Bears....after all what better to go with a Coke than a nice seal-burger??

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