Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Snowy Friday

  Why is it that snow always comes on a Friday during rush hour? It's almost as if the snow has union meetings and the head snow flake declares that to make the humans miserable (or to make the snow plow operators rich) the heaviest snow must come during the morning or afternoon rush. I'm always wary of the weather reports that state "we will get a dusting" or "between 3 and 12 inches".....That much of a margin is akin to when they say the hurricane will hit "somewhere between New England and Florida".
   I sat at a standstill for over an hour because inconsiderate drivers (you know who you are) simply ignored stop signs, lights and common human decency.

When the going gets rough, the rough are thankful for packing a blanket, muffin, full I Pod and a water bottle

Snow doesn't always bring out the worst in people. The first snow kids are excited; sledding and making snowmen. People tend to help each other shovel or snow blow. Its that fifth or sixth snowfall or 6" or more that makes people curse the want to move to warmer climates as they curse the sky and decide that their sports car, truck or SUV can take the roads at a normal pace. Here's a math problem...

Vehicle + going 60mph + ice - stopping distance = vehicle in ditch or smashy smash crash

Maybe these tires from a 1920's advertisement in American Theatre would help out??

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