Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 trends we saw coming.....Braids!

   As soon as The Hunger Games movie trailer came out, it was clear that braids would make a comeback this year. Katniss Everdeen's trademark single braid and her mother's fancy braided updo of braids are clear in the trailer and were even clearer on runways.
    Featured heavily in Valentino's ready to wear spring show, the simple yet elegant braided crown dominated. Pictures can be seen here on Elle's website. If you wander over to Harper's Bazaar, you can catch braided do's from Armani and Michael Kors and the very romantic Valentino.
   The braid of 2012 is thankfully different from the scalp yanking, tightly plaited perfections of the past. The braids in all of the spring collections are playfully messy, simple and don't require headache medicine halfway through the day.
   Let's just hope that the other body modifications from The Hunger Games stay out of the designer line ups. We're thinking that they will, since going back to you natural hair color is in (no aqua spikes or orange corkscrews and definitely no pink and gold wigs). Though, for some people remembering what their "natural" hair color is , well, that's a matter of personal opinion.

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