Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's Skills Night in Ottawa!

Once again, greetings from Ottawa and tonight's Skills Competition!

Can we just say that Quick is the perfect name for a goalie?

Our order competition is fastest skater, breakaway challenge, accuracy shooting, skill relay, hardest shot, and finally the elimination challenge.

Oh, goaltenders trying to do the breakaway, and of course Quick wins! Kessel wins against Yandle, so that should shut up some of the fans....or encourage them....Brilliant commentating.."European born skaters are born and breed there".....Yes, yes they are....
 Our fastest skater is Carl Hagelin from the New York Rangers.

In this fourth year of the breakaway challenge we will finally crown a new champion. The past three years Alexander Ovechkin won, who will the fans crown this year? Johansen is up first and is not too exciting, a puck between your least Couturier juggles the puck. Kane kind of blows it and chokes after trying some fancy moves. Tavares can't seem to control his puck and looses it several times. Perry is magnificent! Finally, great puck handling and with a pinch of lacrosse. goalies seem to be getting into it. Well..about time, super Kane has a cape and glasses, slides/ flies across the ice and gets a goal! And be have bridged the hockey football gap with a Tebow-ing in net. Kane must of slipped a trick puck, because when he slapped it in it split into 4 pieces. Perry uses a baby goalie stick to shoot in his puck in the net.
 The fans vote for Patrick Kane as winner of the breakaway as the Superman theme plays in the background.

On to accuracy shooting!
Don't you just hate when the announcers say how great a person/ team is? Its like they curse them, oh, they've never gotten hurt, a penalty, a point scored against them...Its a need to have someone listen in so you can spit three times and reverse the curse. Jamie Benn proves that you don't need an appendix to score points, hitting all four targets in 10 seconds.

The relay....and Team Alfredsson wins both heats. Rats!

Now our favorite! Hardest Shot! We think the Chara will continue his reign, especially since he brought a Warrior stick. Alfredsson gets a whopping 101.3 mph-wow! Finally, Weber vs. Chara....Weber gets 104.9 and Chara gets 106.2! Then Chara gets 108.8...Oh my God! Getting hit by a a puck going that fast must be like getting hit by a truck. Who would want to block that?! Weber and Chara battle it out for the finale. Weber gets 102.6, Chara gets 106.9. Second heat, Weber gets 106.0 and Chara gets107. So Chara has won Hardest shot 5 years running.

Elimination Shootout time....Well, its not looking good for Team Chara, but Tim Thomas is fantastic in goal. Stampkos wins the elimination challenge.
 Well, Team Alfredsson has won the Skills competition 21-12.

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