Thursday, January 26, 2012

LIVE From the All Star Draft!!

Greetings from Ottawa , Ontario Canada! Yes, we are at the NHL Fantasy All Star Draft (what can we say, a mink doesn't take up that much room on an airplane). We will be reporting the draft to you live so you can get all the details here!

First off....

Hmm... all the players are backstage...We liked it better last year when all the players were in the front rows. This must be a ploy to make more money for the good seats.

Okay! We are getting ready to start! Oooo...a new rule! You can make one trade..interesting....

We have Team Chara (blue) vs. Team Alfredsson (Red) and Team Chara has first pick and he chooses Pavel Datsyuk from the Detroit Redwings. Erik Karlsoon is Alfredsson's first pick, not surprising since they are both Swede's and teammates. Since all goalies must be picked by the 10th round, its not surprising that Chara picks fellow Bruin Tim Thomas. Of course the announcer has to bring up this past week's events but, Timmy is ever the gentleman and gracefully changes the topic saying that tonight is about the players.

Team Alfredsson seems to only be picking his teammates, selecting Spezza. Chara doesn't seem to have any problem picking his players based on their playing ability, picking Malkin. We are loving that all announcing is done in French and English (we always look forward to expanding out vocabulary).

Chara's pick of fellow countryman Marian Hossa seems to seal which team we will be rooting for (but, best to keep it impartial during the draft).

The "Leafs Suck" is officially annoying....please cut off the crowds mic's or their supply of Molson.

Well, both teams have picked goalies and defensemen and we've only finished with Round 5.

 Carey Price was caught mid gulp when Chara picked him for goalie. Team Alfredsson sees Chara's goalie and picks a goalie of his own with Elliot. Team Chara picks Phil Kessel from the Leafs' (more booing)..not bad, last year Kessel was picked last and won a car! (who says the cheese stands alone? or would it be the poutine stands alone?)

Finally in the 9th Round Daniel Sedin is picked by Team Alfredsson, will his brother join him or will the Sedins be separated yet again for the All Star game?

Thoughts....Please get rid of the girl reading the Tweets the players are sending each other. We don't care and she can't even read the Tweets correctly. Also, please pick new music for when the players come on stage. The music they keep using is very dated. May we suggest you play the goal scoring music for the players' team? Say, when a Bruin goes up for his sweater, you play Shipping Up to Boston; or a Blackhawk goes up to play Chelsea Dagger....get the point?

We tried very hard to get a word from Chara during the break, but we think that being so tall, he doesn't look down much to see furry critters, maybe we should put on a puck costume and then try for an exclusive?

Chara starts the round with picking Campbell from the Florida Panthers (we mention only because we are still slightly bitter that Chicago traded him after he helped them win the Cup and his fantastic charity work). Joining his former teammate, Kane joins Campbell on Team Chara.

Another Senator, Milan Michalek joins Team Alfredsson (is he picking is whole team?!). On the other hand, Team Chara is picking every Maple Leaf ("They like us here eh? ", says pick Dion Phaneuf). It seems that the Sedin brothers will play together after all for Team Alfredsson.

4 more rounds to go!

Team Alfredsson picks his countrymen and so does Chara. We have our final four players, who will be picked last?

Not Seguin, he and Chara "hug it out" after the long wait. Pominville is chosen by Team Alfredsson. Two left....a Shark and a Star.

Chara picks Jaime Benn.....leaving Logan Couture for last...hey, he get a car, so its not all bad.  No trades? hmpf.....

The battle of skills will start on Saturday and the actual game will be on Sunday.

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