Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Knitting in the New Year

So, I recently joined Ravelry (as CityMink). I've been a long time member but, never got around to uploading much. I had time off around the holidays so I updated my profile a bit, uploaded my needles and added some projects.
   Uploading my needles was not easy but now I know exactly what I have and because I downloaded an App that connects to Ravelry I have those needles at my fingertips at all times. This is very exciting because I won't have to keep guessing at what needles I need (I have 3 pairs of circular needles in size 8?!). My only complaint about being a knitter rather than a crocheter is that knitters need straight needles, circular needles, double pointed needles...crocheters just need hooks. Knitting needles come in all lengths and sizes.
   A couple years ago I found a free pattern in the LA Times for a chunky knit scarf (and now chunky knits are in, maybe I'll put it up on Etsy) that called for size 45 needles. I walked into a knitting store in Long Grove to buy some and was mocked by that staff. That experience alone put me off going to knitting stores for years! I finally found some at Michaels and I picked up some Lion Brand Chunky yarn too.
   I have since found yarn stores were people are genuinely nice and thrilled when you come in with odd requests. Knitting is now something that people of all ages and backgrounds embrace. You want to make yarn out of your dog's fur? Fine. Arm knitting? All the rage now.
   The wonderful thing I've found with Ravelry is that you can ask a question about a project and get answers from people all over the world. You also realize that the really cool knit cowl you just finished is wrong.
   I found some yarn from Paton's that is a metallic thread around a black base. Really shiny and slick. It's kind of a pain to work with because it catches on everything. I bought a ball in green and one in copper. I found a pattern on Paton's website and after perfecting my yarn over's I gave it a go.

Really cool, right? I then looked at similar patterns on Ravelry and realized that somewhere I went terribly wrong. This isn't what the scarf is supposed to look like at all! I love the pattern, but its not what it is supposed to be. I don't think I could ever replicate this loopy seaweed pattern again. 
   I started again with the ball of copper yarn and obsessively counted. It turned out the way it was supped to. 

I am calling this one "Tiger Stripes". 

I have a bunch of projects lined up for the new year, lets see if I can keep up with them all. They are all just practice to get my fingers and skills warmed up for the lace work shawl that will be knit with my Mink yarn!

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