Sunday, January 5, 2014

A New Years Eve Cake with David Frost-ing

  I was very lucky to have both New Years Eve and New Years Day off this year. Mainly because it snowed non stop both days and doing anything but stay inside and bake/ watch T.V. would be silly. 
  Ever since I saw Julie Richardson's "Vintage Cakes" book I've wanted to bake her Watergate Cake with Impeachment Frosting. The mix of cake and pistachio pudding seemed to be a match made in heaven. Originally the cake recipe was pudding mix and box cake mix; "Vintage Cakes" elevates the recipe with from scratch versions of pudding, cake and icing. 
   The pudding mixture may not look like you remember pistachio pudding to be (no electric green color) don't be put off by the color! It tasted wonderful and once you mix it into the cake and the frosting it takes on a pleasant pale sea foam green appearance. 
   After reading many reviews on other blogs of the cake I re dubbed the Impeachment Frosting "David Frost-ing". Due to the fact that people thought this frosting had peach in it (???) and because I like witty play on words desserts. Also, David Frost passed away this year and it seemed like a clever way to pay a tiny tribute. 
  Special items you will need include a food processor and 3 8" cake pans. Don't be put off by the price of raw pistachios, all nuts are pricey and you do get a good punch of flavor with this cake. 
   I could eat the frosting by itself. Mascarpone and pistachio pudding -yum! Stick this frosting in a cannoli shell and put some mini chocolate chips on top and you have the best cannoli ever made. 
   Final take on this recipe: Delicious, a little time consuming (not really on a snow day), well worth it in the end and cake freezes well if you slice it and use parchment paper in between slices. 

I didn't use all of the frosting and I left the sides bare

A small piece will do just fine

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