Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Part 2 and Starch

      Spring in Chicago is always a fickle thing. One day its in the 50's and people break out the shorts (and you are blinded by the paper white skin that's been hiding under pants all winter) and drive with their windows down; then the next day the temperatures dip into the 30s and you get a foot of snow.
      In preparation for the snow I got a stack of books to read from the library and a bunch of crafty things to make. I will write a full post on the crafty things when they are fully dried. A word of caution in advance....I never knew that liquid starch was so hard to find. I went to 5 different places before I finally found a bottle...the last bottle on the shelf. I would have fought someone for it-it was that kind of struggle to find a bottle. Does no one starch their collars anymore?
      I was also able to get a copy of Scarlet at the library. I absolutely loved Marissa Meyer's take on Cinderella and couldn't wait for the next book. I really hate it when authors wait a year between books! There are two more books, so I have to wait two more years to finish the series-by the time I get to the last book I will probably have to check out the whole series to remember everything.
     Oh, well, a good cup of tea and a stack of books is in order for the day!

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