Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Trip out West-Part One

In between snow storms, I was able to plan a vacation-this would be why I haven't updated in a while. That and I was sending out lots of letters for "A Month of Letters". Nothing was better than coming home from vacation and finding a huge pile of letters on my bed.....well, finding my bed was pretty great too......

Here are some highlights from my trip.

If you have a chance to go to the Los Angeles County Museum-do it! They are currently displaying a retrospective of Stanley Kubrick's films. You can see props, sets, costumes, scripts and much more in the exhibit.

Set model of the War Room - Dr. Strangelove

Costume from "Barry Lyndon"

Typewriter Prop from "The Shining"

While you are at LACMA, I highly recommend going to Coffee and Milk. Its a small coffee shop that has a delicious selection of breakfast goods, I ordered a bacon and fig pop tart. Flaky crust, fresh fig filling and sugary crisp bacon pieces on top-I'm not one for bacon makes everything better, but this was one damn fine pop tart. Paired with a rich hot chocolate-it was a fine meal to start a rainy museum day.

Notice the best part-the heart!

Stopping back in the afternoon was even better. Ever since I read about their milkwhich in the Wall Street Journal, I knew I had to try one. Take two giant, chewy chocolate chip cookies (with a hint of sea salt) and in the middle put vanilla milkshake ice cream-delicious!

A meal in itself

One museum down-many more to go!

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