Sunday, March 10, 2013

New on the Etsy Store

   Well, I think I blew my timeline for getting Easter items up in time....I had no idea that it was so early this year. So, instead I humbly offer you the newest items to MinkCouture....

       This scarf was detailed out in a previous post about Snow Dyeing. I came up with the color scheme from "The Hunger Games". Specifically in "Catching Fire" when Katniss is dreaming of home. I thought using the snow dyeing technique with the "Girl on Fire" theme would be a nice, quirky way of paying tribute to Katniss. 

    Another "Hunger Games" inspired look, a Mockingjay fascinator. This feathered fascinator has black and white biot feathers to add a little bit of height and a jeweled button on the center to add a little bling.  I think this would go perfect with the with the Katniss' wedding dress. Or maybe just a well placed jab at the Capitol???

    I plan on doing some fascinators for various districts and I am working on a Finnick Odair inspired fascinator, hopefully I can get it up next weekend. Even though I am registered as District 3, I think fashion sense is something to be played with in any District. 

   Snow is still on the ground in most of the U.S., but spring hopes eternal, right? What better way to celebrate spring's approach than with a tiny hand knit top hat that has birds feathers and a nest on it? This would be great for Easter, a wedding, or prom. Some vintage beige netting really ties the hat together. 

I wil be skipping some seasons and I will be starting on my vintage- inspired Halloween items for an upcoming summer craft show. 

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