Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy First Day of Spring and Seed Exchange

     Happy Spring! Who would know it was the first day of Spring today, its 2 degrees outside and a snowstorm nay blow through the area on Sunday-sounds like a good time to snuggle with a book, or maybe start on Halloween crafting......
     It is somehwat ironic then that I recieved my seeds from Burpee yesterday. I ordered my seeds too late this season to get everything that I wanted. Last year I had such high hopes (last year it was also 87 degress outside on the first day of Spring). The hot weather scorched my carrots, tomatoes and the deear and rabbits ate everything else. If anyone has a cure for keeping deer away-please let me know-I beg you!!!!!!
    I have sworn off carrots-no more will you seduce me with your vivid purple colors and feathery green tops. the summer squash that I got last year was sold out, so I bought an heirloom squaah-Red Kuri (the same that I made the pie with previously). It tastes just like chestnut, so while I can't grill it, it should make it into the October growing season.
    I purchased a radish that is heat resistant, which only confirms the fact that we will have a cool summer (not that I am complaining). I did purchase teo completely new things-brussle sprouts and fingerling potatoes. Note that so far, everything I bought, is in seed form. The potatoes are in potato form. I keep hearing that once you taste a home grown potato, that all the tilling and ph checking will maek it worth it-lets hope so....
    Last year I meant to keep a photo log of my little seeds from first planting to harvest-I swear I will this year! I think maybe in a week or so I can start my seeds indoors. Speaking of seeds- some of them I have more than I will possibly be able to plan. Does anyone want to exchange seeds with me? I send you some of mine, you send me some of yours???
   I hope all of your first day of Spring is more springy than mine!

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