Sunday, January 6, 2013

The post holiday Holiday

     Yesterday (Jan 5) was Twelfth Night. Time to take down the decorations and eat cake. Any holiday that has cake at the center of it is for us. Though we save our cake eating for Mardi Gras. Since we don't have a big crowd over in the post holiday days, a nice hard cider from the local apple farm will do in place of traditional wassail.
    A new year always brings the dreaded resolution list and if you wait a month, you get to make your list of things to give up for Lent. Here's the thing, resolutions are supposed to be things you will try and do, or things you will try and do better. Resolutions aren't supposed to be about dieting, or cutting things out of your life. You are resolving to be a better you. Instead of dieting, resolve to eat more vegetables (chocolate beet cake does count as a serving of vegetables), or take the stairs instead of the elevator.
   We resolve to:

Write more letters!

Write more in this blog (who knew that mince pies would be what everyone wants?)

Try and get to the next level in our French lessons.

Travel more.

Any ones to add or ones that you, dear readers, are going to do?

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