Saturday, January 12, 2013

Python Killer...Qu'est-ce que c'est

   With the debate heating up about gun control, it was surprising to read about Python Challenge 2013. The burmese python is seen as an invasive species in the Florida Everglades and authorities think Python Challenge 2013 is just the remedy. 
   Here's the go to the Python Challenge website and pay $25 to register. Then you fly down to Florida and you kill some pythons. There is prize money for the longest python and the most pythons killed. Yup..nothing says helping the environment more than a bunch of liquored up corporate hotshots blasting some pythons to bits in the Everglades....You can even buy a Python Challenge patch to sew onto your hunting jacket. 
    Though, there are guidelines to "harvesting pythons". Mainly, don't mess with anything else in the Everglades except for the pythons. So, you should probably watch out for the panthers, bears, storks and deer that will be keeping you company as you hunt for pythons. Granted, Python Challenge happens in Feb., you will also be competing with mosquitos. 
    Now, don't think you can just heard a bunch of snakes together and dynamite the crap out of them. There are many rules and regulations that you have to follow including how to kill them. The snakes have to be killed humanly and according to the American Veterinary Standards. You can put a bolt through the snakes brain, you can shoot it through the brain or you can stun it then decapitate it and then shoot the decapitated head. Now how a person can keep a python's head still while another guy shoots it in a very specific area....thats a trust building work exercise!
   What's even more bizarre are all the rules and regulations and the 30 minute training course that you have to take. 
  Now you can read the Chicago Tribune and the Bloomberg TV articles on the subjects if you think this is sill some crazy joke; its not. This is supposed to be the way to control the python population that is raging out of control due to the exotic pet trade. 
   All I can picture is a bunch of guys cornering a python against a tree, ready to blow its head off....and behind them is a gang of pythons hissing/laughing and saying.."ready boys" as they are about to eat the hunters....

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