Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mince pies for the New Year

    I know, I know...mince pies are supposed to made and eaten during the Christmas season. Well, between having a Christmas birthday and baking for parties, I thought that mincemeat works just as well for New Years. 
   I've always wanted to make mince meat pies or tarts, ever since I saw "State Fair". They make mincemeat look so delicious. I cheated and bought my mince meat from Dean and Deluca, sadly it was only sold for the Christmas season. It is made in small batches in Ireland and has sharp notes of orange and Guinness. I made a simple Pate Brisee and plunked the mince meat in the tart shells, popped them in the oven for about 20 minutes and had some tasty tarts!
   Use any Pate Brisee recipe that you want, I used Joy of Baking. There is also some debate to what kind of dough to use. Some people prefer a puff pastry, the pate brisee is much easier to make in my opinion. 

A food processor makes fast work of the dough.

A vintage flour duster and some sil pat help prevent the dough from
sticking. Also, those yellow bands-they make sure your dough is consistent
in thickness. 

A cradle shaped tart pan-how mince pies were traditionally made to celebrate the
birth of Christ. 

Add plenty of filling-no one likes a stingy mince pie!

Top with a dough shaped star

Tarts ready for baking

Finished tarts-They taste best straight from the oven

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