Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Month of Letters

  As an avid member of Postcrossing (send a postcard to someone in the world, receive one from someone else) I was excited to learn that February is this year's month for the Month of Letters challenge.
   The idea is that you write a letter every day during the month of February; take a step out of the digital world, reconnect with old friends or make some new ones. It is considered cheating if you write all your letters on one day!
   We've signed up and think that, dear readers, you should too. You could post your addy's in the comment section if you wish to exchange letters with us personally (don't worry, I screen comments before they are posted so the whole world won't see them). I'll even thrown in a prize for most unusual/unique stationary- one of Valentine Air Mail pins over on our Etsy site. Just leave a comment if you are interested to exchange and add your e-mail so we can send your our addy. Before you know it- you'll make it through the month with letters and maybe some new pen pals! 

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