Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Titan-ic Vintage Find of the Week

   I am hoping to make this a weekly (more probably monthly) little ditty about a deal or unusual item found while out and about.  So here is the first issue of "Vintage Find of the Week"...

   What is it about owls? They seem to be popping up everywhere; cookie jars, wall hangings, tea pots, salt and pepper shakers and in our Vintage Find of the Week.....

Meet "Bubo" the Owl

   Made in the 1960's under the moniker, "Midnight Owl" this guy is a transistor radio. Looks an awful lot like Bubo from the original Clash of the Titans, right? Even though he didn't come in a box and needs a bit of shine put back into him, I think he's fantastic. He works too! I can pick up the news radio, baseball games and a lot more. 
   What do you guys think? I've already gotten some crazy offers for this little guy, but I think that I may keep him around a bit. 

Hey, I need something to go with my owl earrings...... 

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