Saturday, April 7, 2012

Have a Fabulous Faberge Easter

Happy Easter to all! We love decorating Easter eggs here at Country Mink/ City Mink, but hard boiled eggs can get kind of boring after awhile... So we were super excited to pick up some Faberge Egg Stencils from Fancy Flours. We used their recipe for no spread sugar cookies and royal icing along with a charming copper egg cookie cutter. We also picked up some luster dust, disco glitter, drags, pearls....lots of sparkly stuff that any Russian Zsar would love to have on the dessert tray at tea time. Here's some of our creations! 

Chicago Flag Egg
Fish Scale Egg

Giraffe Wearing a Pearl Necklace Egg

Budget Conscious Coronation Egg

Rose-less Rose Trellis Egg for the Allergy Sufferer 

Hot Air Balloon Egg

Pink Pinecone Egg

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