Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Project for those Funky Vintage Ties

Groovy ties from Goodwill
  Oh, Vintage.....times when people made somewhat dubious choices when it came to fashion. Like polyester...who thought that was a great idea?! But, I must say of all the polyester clothing items, vintage polyester ties take the cake...Just look at those color combinations....right? Teal and orange. Brown and yellow (only bought because I have cute hat that matches the color scheme...I bet my sweetie would want to color match me at a swinging party, right?). 
  Note the great diagonal stripe pattern mixed with paisleys and dots, love it! Now, most of my vintage ties went into my tie skirt (THE easiest piece of clothing you will ever make).
  But, what to do with all those leftover pieces of the tie? Well, I made mine into buttons and bracelets.
 The buttons are extremely easy, just get a button making kit from your local craft or fabric store, some glue and some pins..and you have one of a kind buttons...

Buttons that would be at home on any jacket
or bag!

The bracelets take a little bit more skill... You'll want to determine how long to make it to fit, cut to size and stitch up the end.  Then you'll need a sewing machine to stitch in the button hole. 
Almost done!
Then, you'll need to sew an awesome button on the backside of it. I use only vintage glass buttons because the patterns and colors tend to match up to the ties better, but any button will do. Just make sure it fits through your button hole!

This zebra strip button matches up perfect with the tie

And now you have lots of cool tie-wear for your wrists!

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