Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yarn, Yarn, Everywhere...

    I always tell myself, "I have enough yarn" every knitter knows, this is just something we tell ourselves to try and stem the yarn hair. I have three boxes of yarn-quite a small amount in the yarn world. I know people that have entire rooms full of unused yarn.
   But, still I tell myself-"Do not buy any more yarn until you use what you have". Technically all my yarn is earmarked for projects. The sock yarn is going to become a shawl, the worsted a cowl, the other worsted will be a flapper hat (short rows-why the short rows), the mink will be a shawl after I knit the practice shawl, the sparkly mohair with be a lace knit scarf, the kid mohair is a hat for my Mom.
  So, why do I continue to buy wool whenever I see it? Whenever I go to non yarn stores (Jo-Anns, Michaels, Hobby Lobby-your "craft store") they have rows and rows of acrylic and about 1% yarn that is 100% wool. Now, you can do some fun stuff with acrylic and the colors-oh the colors and textures and glittery beads and weirdness of it is overwhelming. But its not real. It doesn't keep you warm and you can't felt and manipulate it like a wool. So, whoever I see wool, I buy it.
   When I was at the Fiber Fair I found Alchemy's silk straw yarn for 1/2 price, so I bought 2 skeins. Then I bought some mohair from Blue Moon that is shades of mossy green. Now I am stuck with what do I knit which them?
   On top of that, I am still in love with the wrap from Catching Fire that Katniss wears-add that to the list. And....watching Outlander last night I fell good and hard for Claire's knit cowl and gloves- pictures here (scroll down to #7). Oh, the chunky yarn!
   Maybe it's because it is currently 90 outside with 100% humidity- it's like the South here, my hair is curling! I want the cool air to come so I can pull out the sweaters and curl up with some tea.....and knitting!

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