Sunday, August 3, 2014

Midwest Fiber Fair 2014

This weekend was the fiber fair and it was.....small.....Sadly, the fairgrounds pulled the Fiber Fair's normal date and made them take a later one, which lead to not a lot of vendors.
  I missed Nifty, Thrifty Dry Goods; Windy City Knits; the Spinners Guild and many more. I was going to by this a bag that says "I Knit so I don't kill people", but I guess I'll have to get it on Etsy.
  I did meet some lovely people from Lost City Knits and got many "purls" of wisdom from Denise and a "simple" lace pattern for a shawl. We'll see how simple, my brain is already cramping from looking at the chart. I also stopped by The Fold and picked up some silk yarn that was on sale (who knows what it will go to).
  I always promise myself that "I won't buy any new yarn"......umm...yeah, right.....You see, most of my stash yarn is going to a project, I just haven't started the 20 or so projects in my queue....Therefore I need new yarn for projects yet to be. And sock yarn just doesn't count. Cotton doesn't either-that's mindless dishcloth yarn for knitting at the doctor's, on the train or while watching TV......
  I did take a really cool welt felting class and learning the secret is......POWER TOOLS!!!!! Why spend hours with a PVC pipe when you can buzz your roving with a sander? Genius!

This is before the welt felting. Lots of texture and color. This became a felted flower fascinator, which is still drying! So, pictures to come....
I was also lucky enough to be a featured artist in the directory given out at the fiber fair. I did feel bad that I didn't enter the Handbag Exhibit this year (I was going to), but tests and doctors visits got in the way of everything! 
 It was a fun day up until the end when I started getting phone calls about my insurance company-hard to deal when you are up to your elbows in soapy water. 

I'l leave this on a high note with one of the poems exhibited at the fair!

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