Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hanx Writer Type App

   Since I got my iPad last week, I've ben looking at what cool apps I can download and mess around with on it.
   I found one that is designed by Tom Hanks! Its a typewriter and its free. You can upgrade and add two other typewriters or you can "test drive" them. You get a realistic looking typewriter with keys an sound. Yes, this is an app that you probably don't need but sometimes the sound of a typewriter is calming to hear (at least to me). You could even just type nonsense on your page and hear the click of the keys.
  You can send your document in a message or Air Drop it to someone nearby. For $4.99 you can add pictures and change your ribbon. Having used a typewriter for school papers I can only imagine if I could have used this app to stick it yo my teacher (but I *did* use a computer!).
   This app is definitely worth downloading and trying out! 

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