Sunday, July 28, 2013

Halloween in July with Crepe Paper

Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming! A quick trip to the Hobby Shop yesterday and...they are putting out all their Halloween items! Which means I am not that far off in my timing of starting to list my Halloween items on Etsy. I have hats of all sizes and some lovely vintage postcard hangers.
   I have also started to list my vintage inspired one of a kind crepe paper hats. Crepe Paper used to rule the holidays in the first half of the 1900's. You'd celebrate Halloween by donning a hat and a crepe paper costume. I guess you would also hope it didn't rain on your way tot he party!
   The good news is you can get this hats now and use my anniversary discount-better hurry, I'm sure these won't last long!

What other Halloween decorations do you guys want to see on the Etsy site? Would you like a "how to" so you can make your own hats??

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