Sunday, July 14, 2013

Postcard Show

   I went to the annual Post Card and Paper Ephemera Show at the fairgrounds this weekend. Every year I go and drool over the Halloween postcards that I will never ever be able to buy. I can justify buying a lot of things, but not a $100 postcard.
   If I ever find a *working* vintage typewriter I would definitely pay $100 for it! It seems like people only sell sad, broken typewriters. Having someone tell you that it "probably works" if only you "buy some new ribbon, fix the keys and fix the return bar"....Well that's like saying "Here's a perfectly good laptop, it just is unable to save any of your work, but you can probably have that fixed"......

Here are my favorite things I bought at the show.....

Bought these from my absolutely favorite dealer at the fair. I don't know his name, which is strange since I've bought quite a few pieces from him. All of his stuff is real vintage and his prices are reasonable. 
  These were new to the show and they just jumped out at me. So, some of the pave stones are missing, big deal. I would think that these would be late 1950's, early 1960's since space themed jewelry and home items were all the rage. 
   They are screw backs, so they are slightly annoying, not as bad as clip ons. 

Other favorite buy: Vintage postal air mail stickers! Think I may need to copy these and start attaching them to my LWA pen pal letters. Or my Letter of the Month letters.....or maybe I'll just make them into really cool shrinky dink pins. 
  I should have gone back and bought more of these little guys. I think I bought them more out of sheer graphic design love than anything else. 
  The Colonial Airways System tag is from the lat 1920s and is from a Canadian Mail carrier. I loved the Art Deco lines and the constellation on the background.
   Any kind of air mail sticker always makes me a little tingly, silly, right? Mainly the tingly happens when I open my mail box and I see a letter with an air mail stamp (why can't we go back to the stickers?! Probably the same reason I didn't get an "I voted" sticker in the last election- $$$$). 

If anyone is interested in getting a letter with a lovely air mail sticker (a copy of one-sorry, saving the originals), let me know! 

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