Sunday, December 11, 2011

17-1463...or Tangerine by any other name.....

   News broke earlier this week that the Pantone color of the year is.....*drumroll please*......Orange...well...tangerine to be exact. I suppose this is a step up from the springy, girly pink tones that were Honeysuckle (this years' color). Pink is wishing for a sunny day in the middle of February, Orange is getting on a plane and jet setting to any place that requires a pedicure.
   Orange is bold, dynamic and stands out in the crowd.  City Mink saw this coming in the spring when she spotted oranges (lips and cheeks) and greens (eyes) coming back into fashion.  Givenchy had this absolutely gorgeous lipstick called Candide Tangerine (how's that for nailing a trend?!). So, finally a lipstick that can last through the new year! Candide Tangerine is a bright creamy tangerine orange that certainly pops, without bringing out those orange splotches in your facial undertones.
  Orange was popular back in the 1920s, just google Hilda Steward to see a simple but elegant orange dress. Does this signify a comeback in the financial market? After all, the 1920's boom was great, while it lasted. Should we break out the champagne and caviar and toast to a resurgence? Will the power of orange help Tim Tebow rally his team to the Superbowl? Will Country Mink find some blood oranges and make that scrumptious olive oil cake again this year?
    We may not be able to answer those questions just yet, but maybe we'll check out some Rothko, sip some Campari and hope for the best.......

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