Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trinity Lutheran Craft Show Post Mortem

  Another craft show....well, I made up my table fees plus $5. I guess that is a success. Especially if you account that I sold mainly $2-$3 items.
   I never get what people are going to buy, I guess if I did I would be a millionaire marketing genius and would be living in a fabulous New York City apartment.
    Last show I sold triangle treat boxes, decorative paper origami shoes, Halloween Bingo cards, hats, and crepe paper cats. Everyone wanted more black cat items and "Fall" items. So I quick whipped up some more cat pins, Fall/ Thanksgiving items and more witch shoes since I sold out. Did people buy them? NO!
    My Halloween tree of chenille stem owls and pumpkin people was nearly stripped bare by the end of the day. That's..all...I...sold......oh, and a Christmas ornament.....A lady wanted to buy a pumpkin floral arrangement, but her husband told her the flowers would just die and that something long lasting would make a better hostess gift. She apologized. But, still....stupid husband. If your wife wants some flowers, let her buy them!!!
    I just need an upscale Holiday market to show in.....Or I need more people visiting my shop and buying stuff......

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