Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lake County Fairgrounds, October 2013

    Another trip to the fairgrounds this weekend. It was supposed to be vintage fashion but that seemed to be sadly lacking. There were many different kinds and colors of fur coats, so if you wanted to go as a hooker, I suppose you could find that baby blue cropped rabbit fur coat to complete your ensemble.
   But there were a few surprises. I finally managed to snag a decent antique Ouija board to use in my displays when I show my crafty Halloween goodness. The garden truck parked outside the fair grounds had a plethora of squash, one of which I bought. Its called the ghost squash and looks like those little bugger in the Pac-man game.
Ghost squash. Mine is an octo-ghost squash. To draw eyes or not to draw eyes........

Then , there was this guy. The woman who ran the booth said "Ken had to take one for the team", I wonder if the Headless HorseKen will ever appear on "Sleepy Hallow"???

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