Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Craft Show

   The last weekend of this month I will be at my first BIG show. The last two shows I did were rather small and were not the best weather wise. One show it rained and was bitterly cold, the other was under a Tornado warning and both were outside. This show will be indoors and I am getting ready for it.
   I finally found a folding table (yay!). Who new that they were so hard to find? I guess I just had to wait until the start of the Holidays when people need that buffet table....
   I am bringing all of my Halloween goodies: ornaments, postcard holders, hats and quite a few things that aren't on my Etsy Store. I will also have some jewelry and scarves for those that want to do some super early Christmas shopping.
   I have the table set up and I am slowly working on my display. If nothing else, I will have the best damn table at the show. Here's just a couple of my display ideas....

My beaded bracelets ome in all colors and what better way to display that in a Shabby Chic frame?

Since my inspiration for these hats came from the "Hunger Games" books why not display them on a artsy book sculpture? They have literally come from the book!

If you are in the area, mark your calendar and stop by the show. I'll be behind the table that has the killer medical art table cloth with the large wooden sculpture on it. 

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