Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another Craft Show....

Well, another craft show under my belt. Good things: it was indoors, I brought food, I sold more than one item. Bad things: people wanted Fall items, not a lot of people came through, people said it was too early for Halloween.
   Too early?! Its freakin' October, the frost is on the pumpkins so why not decorate for it?
I thought most people had a Halloween tree....guess I was wrong. The good news is that I get to keep my flock of owls and Tilly, she's hiding above the cat!

I did have the best damn display there! And I was right near the bathroom-plus! Don't you just love my tablecloth?! 

This was a new item, it's not up on the Etsy site yet. I wanted something a little more elegant for Halloween. I love the blues and her hair!

This bingo card is a girl peeling an apple. At the turn of the century if you peeled an apple in one long strip on Halloween and then threw it over your shoulder, the apple peel was supposed to spell out the name of your betrothed. Beats walking down the stairs backwards at midnight holding a candle and a mirror!

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