Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Etsy Halloween Shop (Again)

Not to brag....but....A while back I found this rad vintage Bingo cards. The are black and white and are printed on a thick card stock; so thick that the back resembles a leather bound book. I combined them with my love of Shrinky Dinks and vintage Halloween and I created some one of a kind wall hangers.
   Gaze upon what will be in the Mink Couture shop this weekend!

Enjoy the Halloween Dance! A couple dances around a giant pumpkin. A clock and fan charm ad some dimension and the "31" is highlighted in orange glitter....right, like we would forget Halloween???

Feeling a bit more mysterious? A lady with a most unusual hat has a secret...maybe the goblins know???

Keep your eyes open for these and more on the store! 

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