Sunday, December 16, 2012

Old Postcards and Creepy Santa's

      I love collecting old postcards, especially holiday ones. Vintage Christmas postcards have wonderful motifs and an overall cool quality to them. Except when it comes to the creepy Santa. Now, this isn't Krampus-those are super creepy and hard to find. Krampus was the anti-St. Nick. If you were a naughty child, Krampus would stuff you in his sack and carry you off to his lair.
    What I'm talking about are the postcards with Santa looking into your window and the Santa's with the toothy grin (this ends up looking evil, not cute).  Here are some examples.....(All images by Dover)

Here is the toothy grin-not quite warm and fuzzy, right?

Another creepy grin-is he writing down the naughty names?

Okay, this is not a Santa, but disturbing all the same. What
are we not going to let hang around?

Santa looking in the window-okay, so he sees you when you're sleeping and
all that...but we don't want it in the literal sense...

A very literal one- Santa is watching you through spy glasses!
Ah! Santa should just know if you are naughty or nice
without all the spying.

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