Saturday, June 23, 2012

An Update from the Garden

     My garden is in a sad state, or will be if we don't get any rain soon. The papers are all printed with "Lack or Rain My Lead to Drought"....*Really* papers? You mean lack of rain doesn't lead to puppies and rainbows??? Anyone can tell you that there's a drought going on, the plants are withering, the grass is brown and crunchy and my carrots are not growing! Hopefully rain will come tonight, if not, well, at least I have documentation that I did grow something this year...

Summer Squash

Peas-in-a-Pot-I love these peas! You can grow them
in an eight inch pot and they don't creep.

Nothing beats freshly shucked peas.

The big dilemma...Eat the blossom or let it become
a squash??? 

Look at those tiny squash (squashes?) starting to grow!

My radishes demand rain!

Soon, soon I will have lots of cucumbers! Cucumber salad,
Cucumber drinks, Cucumber soup....

This flower is going to grow up to be a Fairy Tale Eggplant.

Oooooo! A tiny tomato! Go tomato! Go!!!

How's everyone else's garden doing?

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