Monday, June 25, 2012

Midwest's Fiber and Folk Art Show

Look at all the pretty colors!

 If the corn is almost knee high, then it's time for the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Show! This is my second year attending the fair and it's always a treat to see the vendors and learn something new. Last year I was fascinated by spinning, but it seemed like every booth that I went to that had drop spindles was too crowded or had no instructors willing to teach. Lucky for me, the first booth I stopped by was the Hollow Tree Spinners Guild where I received wonderful instructions on how to use a drop spindle. I got to stay and spin at the booth for over 30 minutes (about when I was confident that I could remember what the heck I was doing to continue at home).

 Above is my second attempt at making yarn from wool and the ball of yarn is my first attempt. The Guild not only gave lessons, but for $5 I got a spindle and two large hunks of wool roving. I picked out the lovely chartreuse above and a browny/ruddy/green as well. Personally, I am fine with having my yarn be a little thick and thin and uneven. If you want mass produced uniformity go to Walmart, if you want something one of a kind, make it yourself. Speaking of, how cool is it that you can make your own yarn and then knit something? I was told you only need 150 yards to make a hat. Guess I better get spinning....

Just some of the cool things at
Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods Booth

 My favorite booth is the same as last year's, Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods. Looking through their booth is like digging through your Grandmother's sewing bin (if your Grandma was super cool and kept little bits of everything). The cool things is everything is color coordinated. The greens had little frog buttons and leaves, yellow had cute bumble bee trim and black and white hat these super cute flapper/swimmer buttons.
Bees and Elephants and Leaves, Oh My!
 These would be perfect accents on a dress or as one of our friends is making, a beaded bracelet. Very 20's Great Gatsby!

The tiniest knitting needles every!
     If I could own now vintage item, price be damned, it would have to be a beaded handbag. Since most of them run in the hundreds of dollars, it was great to see Nancy Allison's booth of knit beaded handbags. You could buy them already made, but liking a challenge, I bought a kit......last year....and I've opened it, looked at the needles and decided that a day with more patience was required. This year, I will knit it!!! Or, next year I'll bring the kit to the show with me and have Nancy help me out some more.
   I also stepped by Esther's Place to make a felted flower pin. Last year I bought one of their cookie cutter felting kits, so much fun. There's something so relaxing about needle felting, maybe it's because every time I stab the needle into the felt I think, take that stupid insurance/mechanic/rude person that cut me off in traffic....I think this year I'm going to try to felt on silk and burlap, just to shake things up.

Could have taken one of this fluffy
guys home...

There was quilting, looming, dyeing, basket weaving, spinning wheel spinning, raw yarn, Alpaca races, bunny hugging, live music and so many things to cram into a weekend. Maybe by next year I'll have made enough yarn to make a hat, or if nothing else a pot holder.....

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