Sunday, March 25, 2012

I heart the I-Heart and you Should too!

     Fatima Fazal is the creator and founder of the Heart Part. What is the Heart Part? Part heart, part fork, knife and scoop; the heart part is the new way to dine in style when you don't have silverware (or you don't want to use the fine silver on that takeout Chinese). The beat part? The Heart Part utensil is 100% biodegradable! We like the fact that it's not made of soy or corn or some other food product that the majority of the population is allergic to. Besides, those utensil kits are always in some boring beige or off-white color (blech). Personally, I'm going to wash my heart utensils a few times-they're that damn cute and colorful. Now who can say that about other disposable silverware? 
    The Heart Part comes in five fantastic colors. We picked out a blue/green and black (we can match black food-which is all the rage now!). You can buy them in IHeart's shop for under $10. Each pack has 10 hearts and each heart breaks into two pieces, so there's plenty to go around when you have a neighborhood picnic. We think the Heart Part will be great on camping trips or on long road trips.  Now, were'e not saying to use this when your in-laws come over, or when you're having a caveman meat meal that needs a steak knife. Common sense in everything. But, stick one of these in your purse or bag and you'll never have to use the lid of your pudding cup as a spoon again!
A separated green heart and a unused black heart

   You can check out the hearts in action here and there's a link on Fatima's website to share what you heart. Here's what we heart:

Untouched snow and the silence it brings
Tart Lemons
Sitting by the fire on a cool summer evening
Cashmere Socks
Fresh, Raw Oysters
Givenchy Lipstick
Salon Fresh hair
Swedish massages

What do you Heart?

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