Sunday, April 20, 2014

Retro Easter Crafts from Cheeseland

 A quick trip across the border (Wisconsin-not that other border...) lead to some great craft finds at Benjamin Franklin's and some lovely Easter decorations from the past. All of these can be found at Fox Antique Mall.
Freshly hatched chicks guard a pom pom ballerina bunny.

Swans? Ducks? Styrofoam and those weird pipe cleaner beaks just make for something on the
uncanny plane. 

Love, Love, Love these! Just take some plastic bunnies, affix to jar tops and spray paint
in bright Spring colors. Maybe fill with jelly beans....mmmmm

The peep massacre at the Bunny den......

Sad bunny? The carnage is just terrifying......

I always love antique/vintage holiday items, maybe that's why I fill my Etsy store with items inspired by them. 
  Currently I am into paper flowers-and I must say I found some awesome superhero tissue paper that I will be using to make some. I will be doing a blog post in May (May flowers-get it?!) so please let me know if you want any specific kind of flower made!

Happy Spring to all. 

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