Sunday, November 17, 2013

Vintage Christmas Finds

    Last weekend I went to the fairgrounds for their antique show, in hopes of finding some mercury glass and bottle brush trees. No luck on the mercury glass beads but I did find some very cute bottle brush trees in white (never saw them in white before) and a tiny paper house from Japan.  I also found an unusual mushroom made from wood and seashells.

A miniature house in the woods, if I find more I can turn my mantel into a village. I used a battery operated flicker
light to make the windows glow.

The house id covered in glitter, but due to age, you really can't see it.

My sea shell mushrooms

The bottle brush tree is decorated with pipe cleaners and beads.

I did find a tutorial on how to make your own bottle brush trees and I am eager to start my own rainbow forest. You can find the tutorial at the blog Just Something I made.

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