Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turkeys, Twinkies and the True Nature of People

    In "Waiting for Godot" Samuel Beckett wrote that people are, "bloody ignorant apes". Satre wrote that, "Hell is other people". I say that, holiday shopping turns people into bloody stupid idiots and it makes me want to move to some far off dessert island.
   The holiday shopping season is almost upon us and I had to run out and pick up the turkey and some final trimmings today. One year I waited to long; its not pretty picking out your bird the closer you get to Thanksgiving Day. It was bad enough today. Memo to stores: If you say its fresh and I can knock on's not freakin' fresh.....A fresh bird should be nice and squishy, not be Exhibit A in a murder trial.
    Also, if you are any store and you hit a store display, sending vitamins rolling about the aisle...Maybe you should stop to pick them up. Say, "I'm sorry"...that kind of thing. You should NOT knock it down, laugh and keep walking. Person standing next to said display; you should maybe alert the sales clerk. You should NOT kick the bottle out of the way where you are standing. Store clerk; you should reprimand the person who knocked it over; you should NOT roll your eyes and ignore the 50 bottles of vitamins rolling down the aisle.
   When you are trying to escape from said store you have to face the parking lot. The lot where people decide because they are: older than you, younger than you, richer than you, poorer than you, a higher social ranking, etc that means they can drive the wrong way down lanes, almost rear end you and generally just drive like their head is up their ass....Yes, now I am in *such* the Holiday mood. It's a good thing I picked up a couple of bottles of wine.
     Another thing...why are people more concerned about the fate of the Twinkie than what is going on over in the Gaza Strip?! Unless it's due to the fact that Polysorbate 60 is an ingredient in Twinkies and rocket fuel. Which means that the run on Twinkies might have a darker side to it than just people wanted a sugar high.
   I thought that since the Election was over, people might get a bit nicer with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming. The fact that they can have a Thanksgiving and Christmas, unlike some of the people that got close and personal with "Superstorm Sandy".  Might as well stay away from the malls and people until....well....

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